Enterprise Knowledge Search and eDiscovery

Search and discover insights in real-time across your entire organization

A revolutionary approach to enterprise knowledge search

Siren Platform extends Elasticsearch – the world’s best open source search engine – with key capabilities for advanced enterprise knowledge search

Search across all your data, navigate relationships between entities, and evaluate data in context

Siren Platform is an extraordinary knowledge search engine that works by laying a dynamic data model on top of your structured and unstructured data.

Siren Platform’s knowledge graph and search engine capabilities are matched with natural language processing (NLP) capabilities such as relationship extraction, entity extraction and resolution.

Get relational superpowers to search, examine, and explore your unique enterprise knowledge graph.

What our customers and partners say:

“Platforms that enable the use of Graph, Machine Learning, and AI to discover connections among disparate data sources to deliver insights, whilst maximizing the use of recent investments in Big Data technology, will become the go-to tools for all organizations in 2018 and beyond.”

Arindam Choudhury, Vice President and Global Leader for Big Data at Capgemini

“Siren is a step above any other since it coherently integrates big data dashboards and traditional visual link analysis in a way that makes so much sense and gets the best of both. Its “knowledge graph navigation at scale” is considerably more useful than anything else we have seen.”

Marco Battaglia, Head of Cyber Security Analysis at Sorint

Siren Platform’s defining features for knowledge search and e-discovery

Investigative Intelligence Solution
Investigative Intelligence Solution
  • Interactive dashboards: Advanced filtering precisely targets the entities that the user wants to investigate.
  • Relational dashboards: Data relationships underpin Siren Platform’s user experience, allowing users to instinctively navigate from a set of entities to a set of connected entities. We provide the equivalent to browsing a knowledge graph at scale (set-to-set) as an extension of the traditional click-and-expand (entity-to-entity) method only.
  • Dynamic data model: We can create a knowledge graph out of the back-end systems that organizations already possess.
  • Graph database integration: Neo4J support allows Siren Platform to leverage their unique superpower of path-finding and scoring in our graphs and dashboards.
  • Link analysis: With spatial and temporal support, you can view relationships in a map view and in a time-based network evolution.
  • Graph aggregates: Beat the clutter by aggregating millions of intermediate nodes in big data links across entities.
  • Large-scale data import & export:  Produce PDF or PNG reports on demand or by a set schedule.
  • Search across all entities: On-the-fly entity clustering, extraction of significant terms, similarity search, and Natural Language Processing, including multilingual support and relationship extraction.
  • AI-driven entity resolution: Non-monotonic reasoning over incomplete and partially-similar entities.
  • REST service look-ups:  Enhancing and expanding visual link analysis results and dashboards.
  • Scalable  platform: Extensible, source code available, and API-driven.

Industry-specific solutions that are built on Siren Platform

Augmented Search Engine capabilities for Elasticsearch
Financial Services

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Law Enforcement

Accelerate intelligence-led policing. Learn more


Rapidly move from investigative insights to actionable intelligence. Learn more


L2/L3 SOC analysis, threat hunting, and enterprise security management. Learn more

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