Investigative Intelligence to monitor business, system operations and cyber security threat intelligence

Siren for Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity threat intelligence

Traditional security solutions are no longer adequate on their own to address the new range of risks and threats posed to your network. Cybersecurity experts require to be able to follow the path across your information systems whithout the need to have to worry about data siloes and isolated systems.

When threats target your network, they follow a consistent chain of events in order to reach their ultimate goal: a costly, damaging and potentially business wide threatening cyber breach. Understanding the process, known as the cyber attack lifecycle, is paramount to not only to ensure rapid detection and remediation but also to inform your business about plausible future threats and act preemptively

Siren Cyber security

Siren for security analytics (SSA)

SSA integrates logs and joins records across all your enterprise log and cyber security appliances

Thanks to its unified data model and relational navigation capabilities, SSA can correlate logs from any internal or external security appliance or data source.
Correlation is driven by the UI during an investigation or can be scheduled regularly to generate alerts and reports.

Siren Cyber security

Join the dots

with pre-built dashboards, connectors and data models

Build your own connectors or use one provided in SSA to ingest logs from enterprise security vendors. See each log individually or join the dots using the real time relational join buttons or the record to record graph incident analysis.

Cyber elasticsearch

Trusted worldwide for log analysis and cybersecurity

The Elasticsearch ecosystem is trusted worldwide for large scale log analysis. Get the Siren edge

Elasticsearch is a highly regarded infrastructure for log search and analytics. Siren builds on this ecosystem adding features which are critical in cybersecurity and advanced use cases. Siren can access your existing cluster simply by installing our Elasticsearch plugin.

Siren Managed

Available as 24/7 managed service

SSA is also available as managed or hosted services

SSA is a joint development between Siren and certified solution providers that provides 24/7 managed security services. Talk to us for available options.

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