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Investigating capabilities for interconnected data
The Challenge

Investigating capabilities for interconnected data

With rapidly changing scenarios, slow and expensive data integration and IT dependent solutions, it is difficult to gain actionable insights from vast amounts of disparate data. Traditional tools are often not suitable in joining the dots between the interconnected data gathered from disconnected data silos. And thus, provide ineffective investigations in critical cases.

Siren analytics to turn data into actionable intelligence
The Siren Platform

Siren analytics to turn data into actionable intelligence

Siren Platform™ is built on top of the well-known big data open source Elasticsearch. It provides a unique combination of search & data discovery, analytics, big data monitoring, and advanced link analysis addressing some of the most important data-driven problems.

The Platform enables joins across disparate data silos at scale to uncover hidden connections and insights in real time. Siren extends the ELK stack with core functionalities critical for intelligence, law enforcement, cyber security and financial crime domains.

Siren analytics to turn data into actionable intelligence
The Solution Features

Integrated capabilities to accelerate real-time investigations

Siren investigative intelligence solution rapidly adapts in a robust environment to facilitate enterprise integrated investigations. The core features include data virtualization (search data where it lives), Elasticsearch big data joins, associative dashboards (360 degree view), true link analysis & knowledge graph, search, natural language processing (NLP), topic discovery and entity resolution/anomaly detection.


Analyst / Data Scientist

Analyst / Data Scientist

  • Unique integrated environment with Enterprise Search, Knowledge Graph, Maps and Dashboard Analytics
  • Full big data scale “shortest path(s)” and correlations
  • NLP, Entity Resolution, Anomaly Detection
  • Fluid data model / Auto dashboard generation
  • Notifications / Alerting on data
Analyst / Data Scientist

Architect / Solution Builder

  • Highly configurable & scriptable
  • “White-labelling” and internationalization
  • Source code licencing available
  • Connectors to other systems. Choose between ETL or Virtualization
  • Advanced support by Siren
Analyst / Data Scientist

IT Security & Operations

  • Elasticsearch native architecture. Works alongside Kibana and other Elasticsearch applications
  • Fine grained security: Support X-Pack, Search Guard
  • High availability
  • Full audit capabilities
  • Cloud and on-premise compatible
Siren Technology & Architecture

Discover how Siren fits into your big data ecosystem

Upgrade your existing Elasticsearch infrastructure to become a investigative intelligence powerhouse. Leverage your existing Hadoop cluster and interact directly with your existing SQL/NoSQL systems

Discover how Siren fits into your big data ecosystem
“Through the use of the Siren platform, I obtained so many powerful insights from data originated from audits and inspections of clinical trials. Siren was a complete game changer for me.”
Johnson & Johnson, Analytics Lead
“Built on real big data technologies. Clearly much more interesting than anything I have seen before.”
Head of Corporate Security, Fortune 50 Company
“With the system built on top of the Siren Platform™ we can achieve a 50% reduction in false positives for the first time, an industry standard yet to be surpassed, as well as reducing manual case reviews by 40%.”
Pay360 by Capita, Andrew Davies, Product Director
“As we rolled out a global data transformation program Siren really brought the value of centralised Data Management to life for our business domain experts. Siren's fast, intuitive Investigative Intelligence gave them the wow factor.”
Tier 1 global pharmaceutical firm, Data Management Executive
“The industry is moving towards non-rules based techniques to prevent and detect fraud which generate less false positives with higher accuracy, are more adaptable and resilient to emerging and evolving risks, and are better at spotting the “unknown unknowns”. Siren is at the forefront of the next generation solution ecosystem as compared to currently available commercial solutions.”
PwC, Frank Badalamenti -Forensics, Financial Crimes Unit-
“In law enforcement we never know what analysis and questions we are going to need to answer in the future. Siren gives us the flexibility to react as we need to as events unfold. We are very excited about the impact this has on real world investigation.”
European law enforcement agency, Operations Manager
“We are building central global business process telemetry across systems, applications, process workflow and transaction flow. Siren enables that global Investigative Intelligence across all these related domains faster than anything else we tried.”
Tier 1 Wall Street Bank

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