Perform relational joins and big graph exploration across all your data on Elasticsearch and other data sources.


What it does

The definition of Data Intelligence

Siren is the only platform delivering relational big data search, drilldowns and pivoting which seamlessly integrate search, dashboards and big graph analysis.

Siren Industries


Revolutionizing your industry

Siren provides solutions for numerous industries including Financial, Healthcare & Life Science, Law Enforcement and Intelligence, IoT, Cyber Security, Telecommunication and more. Learn more about how Siren can offer new insights into your industry.

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Siren Technology and Architecture

Discover how Siren fits into your big data ecosystem

Upgrade your existing Elasticsearch infrastructure to become a data intelligence powerhouse. Leverage your existing Hadoop cluster and interact directly with your existing SQL/NoSQL systems.

“Built on real big data technologies. Clearly much more interesting than anything I have seen before”
Head of Corporate Security, Fortune 50 Company


Siren @sirensearch - Thu Aug 24
What is data intelligence? Discover it with Kibi! Watch a demo here: #elasticsearch #kibana #dataintelligence
Siren @sirensearch - Fri Jul 28
Welcome Siren Vanguard, our new relational join plugin for #elasticsearch! Here the details:
Siren @sirensearch - Thu Jul 27
Kibi 5.4-beta 2 is here! Easier dashboard management, multiwidget autoconfiguration & more: #elasticsearch #kibana
Siren @sirensearch - Fri May 12
Kibi Scatter Plot plugin. Available in Kibi 4.6.4-1 #kibana #elasticsearch #dataintelligence More at:
Siren @sirensearch - Mon May 01
We released Kibi 4.6.4-1 with new amazing features and plugins + Kibi 5.2 BETA-1! #elasticsearch #kibana Read more:
Siren @sirensearch - Mon May 01
Kibi 5.2 BETA-1 is now available!!! New look, new backend. #dataintelligence #elasticsearch #kibana Read more here:
Siren @sirensearch - Thu Apr 13
Elastisearch ranked next to Hadoop (and Above Spark) in the new BOSS index of Open Source technologies

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