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Investigating capabilities for interconnected data
The Challenge

Dealing with the Big Data Deluge in Investigations

Investigators are overwhelmed with a deluge of data in their mission of keeping people, assets, and networks safe. More and more data is required in an investigation. From multiple sources – all unrelated and disconnected. All needing to be connected and analyzed for tactical or strategic investigations, at speed. Existing tools are struggling to evolve with these big data needs.

Siren Investigative Intelligence Platform
The Solution – the Siren Platform

The fusion of the capabilities the investigator needs

With a unique search-based approach to investigations, Siren is able to rapidly ingest, link, and make massive amounts of data searchable by quickly processing billions of records through its patent-pending join technology. Siren is the only Big Data capable investigative intelligence solution built on an open source system, native to Elasticsearch where our clients and partners own and evolve the solution to their own needs.
Siren has successfully deployed solutions across industries including Law Enforcement & Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Fraud & Internal Threats.

Siren investigative intelligence capabilities
The Solution Features

Integrated Investigative Intelligence Platform

The Siren advantage is that all of the features you need in a Big Data Investigation are pre-integrated into a single, coherent user experience. Included are Siren’s advanced link analysis & knowledge graph, natural language processing (NLP) and textual content discovery, Entity Resolution, geo/temporal capabilities, advanced audit and security, unique associative analytic dashboards (360-degree view dashboards), and more.


Analyst / Data Scientist

Analyst / Data Scientist

  • Unique integrated environment with Enterprise Search, Knowledge Graph, Maps, and Dashboard Analytics
  • Full big data scale “shortest path(s)” and correlations
  • NLP, Entity Resolution, Anomaly Detection
  • Fluid data model / Auto dashboard generation
  • Notifications / Alerting on data
Analyst / Data Scientist

Architect / Solution Builder

  • Highly configurable & scriptable
  • “White-labeling” and internationalization
  • Source code licensing available
  • Connectors to other systems. Choose between ETL or Virtualization
  • Advanced support by Siren
Analyst / Data Scientist

IT Security & Operations

  • Elasticsearch native architecture. Works alongside Kibana and other Elasticsearch applications
  • Fine-grained security
  • High availability
  • Full audit capabilities
  • Cloud and on-premise compatible
Siren Technology & Architecture

Discover how Siren fits into your big data ecosystem

Siren can be seen as a “layer” of Investigative Intelligence on top of your existing Big Data Infrastructure. Do you have data in Elasticsearch? Just install our Federate Plugin and your cluster becomes an investigative intelligence powerhouse. Data elsewhere? Use our SQL connectors,  connectors to Graph DBs, and to internal or external web services.

Discover how Siren fits into your big data ecosystem
“Siren combines many datasets and task management in one point of entry. Using the system in a real scenario, it took me half the time it usually takes to produce intel reports. And in SIGINT & OSINT that is a huge advantage.”
Intelligence Analyst
“We have seen savings of 200% less manual effort through using Siren. The insights from Siren have allowed the team to automate 38% of our cases using NiFi.”
Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence
“The industry is moving towards non-rules based techniques to prevent and detect fraud which generate less false positives with higher accuracy, are more adaptable and resilient to emerging and evolving risks, and are better at spotting the “unknown unknowns”. Siren is at the forefront of the next generation solution ecosystem as compared to currently available commercial solutions.”
Big 4 Consulting Firm, Partner
“In law enforcement we never know what analysis and questions we are going to need to answer in the future. Siren gives us the flexibility to react as we need to as events unfold. We are very excited about the impact this has on real world investigation.”
European Law Enforcement Agency, Operations Manager
“We are building central global business process telemetry across systems, applications, process workflow and transaction flow. Siren enables that global Investigative Intelligence across all these related domains faster than anything else we tried.”
Tier 1 Wall Street Bank
“With the system built on top of the Siren Platform™ we can achieve a 50% reduction in false positives for the first time, an industry standard yet to be surpassed, as well as reducing manual case reviews by 40%.”
Pay360 by Capita, Andrew Davies, Product Director

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