Mission, History, Team

Our mission

Data Intelligence to address some of the World’s most important problems

Siren is a team of enormously passionate data discovery and advanced search experts, scientists and engineers.

We believe that the unique combination of search, business intelligence, big graph and knowledge representation, which we define as Data Intelligence, has the potential to strongly advance the way we address some of the world’s most important problems.


Our mission is to deliver Data Intelligence to the organizations that are addressing these problems.

Knowledge Graphs

Our history

From the “Web of Data” to Enterprise Knowledge Graphs

Siren was founded in 2011 as a spin off of the Data Intensive Infrastructure research group at NUIG led by Dr. Giovanni Tummarello. Together with Dr. Renaud Delbru (co-founder).
The Sindice search engine research created the first generation “SIREn” (Semantic Information Retrieval ENgine) and other techniques to index, understand, and reuse of 30 billion edge knowledge graph created by crawling the “Web of Data” (I.E. pages with markup like schema.org among others).

Siren today has over 20 FT employees with and offices in 5 countries.

Our Team

[CEO] - John Randles

Entrepreneur, Computer Engineer.

[CPO] - Giovanni Tummarello, Ph. D

Serial Entrepreneur, Computer Scientist.

[CTO] - Renaud Delbru, Ph. D

Computer Scientist, Lucene, Elasticsearch, Solr guru.

[Head of Dev IT] - Andrew Gallagher

IT Department - Dublin

[Senior Engineer] - Szymon Danielczyk

Software Engineer

[Senior Engineer] - Stephane Camp., Ph. D

Senior Engineer & Full-Stack Engineer

[Account manager] - Nicola Bertolin

Account manager & Technical Account Manager

[Senior Software Dev] - Sergio Scarnatto

Software Engineering - Galway

[Software Engineer] - Colm O'Shea

Software Engineering - Galway

[Senior Engineer] - Fabio Corneti

Full-stack Engineer, Kibi team manager.

[VP Sales USA] - Gerry Baron

Sales - Philadelphia

[Technical Advisor] - David F. Huynh

Technical Advisor & Computer Scientist, data UX Pioneer.

[Marketing] - Valentina Frigo

Marketing & Initiatives

[Manager] - Valentina Schlagenauf

Admin Manager

[Business Advisor] - Rocco Fantoni

Business Advisor & Senior Support Specialist

[Project Manager] - Alfredo Milani

Senior Engineer, Head of Customer Deployments.

[Chairman] - Ian Shearer

Executive Chairman & Experienced Serial Entrepreneur.

[Business Advisor] - Marco Varone

Business Advisor & Cofounder and CTO of Expert System

[Business Advisor] - Luca Olivari

Business Advisor & Experienced Sales Executive.

[IT Support Specialist] - Johnny Lopes

Administration - Galway

[Software Engineer] - Fabio Tacchelli

Software Engineer

[Software Engineer] - Mehmet Furkan

Software Engineer