Investigative Search for Public Safety

Searching for criminals, associates, patterns, clues and correlations

Much of Law Enforcement is a searching exercise. Looking for useful data when investigating crime with digital forensics, electronic documents, email, complete digital footprints. Tactical investigation or broader Policing Intelligence is such a huge challenge for many Law Enforcement agencies. Often trying to process unrelated data with 30 year old desktop technology is very challenging and it is today a challenge for every Law Enforcement Agency in the world.

From general search to advanced graph algorithms

Siren Platform delivering Search across all Law Enforcement needs

Siren has been implemented at multiple Law Enforcement agencies delivering search capabilities suited to the skill level of the user. From advanced analysts who are running graph algorithms to find clues to front line staff with a suspect’s name doing a general search. Siren has the ability to merge data, tag data with NLP, provide Entity Resolution and enrich data with Digital Forensics, OSINT and 3rd party feeds. Report generation, audit and security are core to every deployment.

Organized crime investigations with Signals Data
Case Studies

Organized crime investigations with Signals Data

The serious crime division of a national police force was struggling with the complexity of organized crime investigations. Dealing with location data, call data CDRs, email communication and SMS messages.

Criminal Auto Theft Ring Targeting Luxury VehiclesCriminal Auto Theft Ring Targeting Luxury Vehicles
Financial Fraud, Insider Threat & Data ExfiltrationFinancial Fraud, Insider Threat & Data Exfiltration
Record curation and Graph data editingRecord curation and Graph data editing

A massive time saver

“I needed a way to streamline investigations. My team was spending too much time doing manual searching in different systems and piecing the information together on spreadsheets. Siren gives them one place to search across different systems and ties it all together graphically. A massive time saver”

Major, Criminal Investigations