Investigative Intelligence in Risk, Fraud, Compliance, AML and KYC

Investigative intelligence in financial services

Across the financial services industry from retail banking to broker-dealers, to asset managers and custodians to insurance companies, the pressure to implement and demonstrate operational process and control, comply with regulation and grow the business is relentless. In most cases, all these pressures involve real investigative processes across vast amounts of data. And despite massive investments, the fraud analyst, KYC / AML investigator, markets compliance teams and the data-centric portfolio manager are struggling to get to real investigative results quickly from IT.

Fraud intelligence

Fraud intelligence

Traditional fraud applications are just that: applications. They are very good at what they were designed to do but are limited, by definition, by the core design. Fraud approaches change all the time. Data needs to be added and connected to quickly, todays question may be completely unknown yesterday. Organisations need to react as quickly as the fraudsters. This where the flexibility and agility of Siren’s Investigative Intelligence platform allow some of the biggest payments processors in the world to stay ahead and react quickly – not waiting for the next application upgrade.

Asset Protection

Investment intelligence & risk management

Active asset managers are under pressure like never before to prove their value over passive index-based funds. This is driving more and more money into non-traditional or alternative asset classes. Moreover, within traditional asset classes, the move to drive alpha from having access to more alternative data and drive more quantitative strategies continues to grow, while maintaining appropriate counterparty, credit, liquidity and operational risk. Siren is helping some of the world’s largest asset managers to build that bigger picture.



There have been many efforts to commoditise and build utilities for KYC and AML. Some have worked, most haven’t. Why? It is still a complex problem which at its core is a data problem. So much data in many different siloed sources with events happening inside and outside the organisation on a daily basis. It’s just complex. Siren is helping clients span the myriad of systems and build real investigative insights of the ongoing risk profile of its counterparties and the KYC requirements of its clients.

Siren dashboard for SME banking portfolio

Market surveillance

Regulators are very focused on the market surveillance processes of regulated firms who are trading in public markets and are looking to maintain market integrity. With the volume of data involved (FINRA processed 99 billion messages in a single day recently), the challenge is immense. The ability to link to local repositories, files, spreadsheets, feeds and various data sources which are currently scattered across a firm is difficult for any compliance team. This is where the Siren Investigate platform excels by enabling compliance and risk management teams to quickly and effectively address many of their complex system interdependency and siloed data sets issues.

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