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Enhancing Investigative Workflow in Siren 14: AI's Role and New Search

Author: Renaud Delbru
Author Renaud Delbru
Enhancing Investigative Workflow in Siren 14: AI's Role and New Search

The foundation of our Artificial Intelligence (AI) capability is the sophisticated use of knowledge graphs and has long been a cornerstone of our approach to the ongoing improvement of investigative intelligence. The integration of AI within the Siren platform is a key differentiator in the landscape of investigative tools.  

This post explores how Siren uses knowledge graphs and AI to improve investigative workflows and introduces our new AI-driven search.

Knowledge Graphs: The Heart of Siren’s AI Integration

At the core of the Siren Platform lies the use of knowledge graphs. Originating from Symbolic AI, these knowledge graphs serve as the foundation for a unified knowledge base, integrating both structured and unstructured data from a wide range of sources. This integration creates a comprehensive, interconnected view, enabling efficient data retrieval and dynamic knowledge representation that adapts with new information. This dynamic framework is critical for investigative intelligence use cases, allowing for the continuous evolution of insight as new information emerges. It enables investigators to “connect the dots” with more ease, gaining insights that were previously unsurfaced or fragmented.

Enhancing Knowledge Graphs with AI

AI plays an important role in augmenting the capabilities of our knowledge graphs. We employ Natural Language Processing (NLP) to extract entities from textual data and contextually link them within the knowledge graph, thereby integrating unstructured information into the investigation process. Additionally, entity resolution techniques infer connections between disparate data sources, enabling a more comprehensive view of investigations. This integration facilitates the exploration of complex datasets, ensuring investigators can quickly derive meaningful insights and connections.

Leveraging Graph Analytics for Deeper Insights

Graph analytics, applied over the knowledge graph, allow for advanced data exploration techniques such as pathfinding and centrality analysis. These methods enhance the platform’s ability to surface or recommend data that is most relevant to the user’s investigation. By enabling sophisticated analytics across various data sources, Siren helps users uncover hidden patterns and important insights.

Introducing AI-Driven Search 

Building on these foundational capabilities, the new Siren 14 represents a leap forward in investigative search functionality. Leveraging the knowledge graph and AI enhancements, Siren 14 allows users to conduct efficient, intelligent searches across integrated data sources. This AI-driven search functionality adapts queries and ranking algorithms to each source and entity type, providing precise and context-rich search results. Users can also pivot to the graph visualization mode for deeper analysis, making complex data connections more comprehensible.

AI Generated Reporting 

Our latest advancements include features powered by Large Language Models (LLMs), such as automated report generation. This feature translates a complex collection of entities and relationships within the knowledge graph into a coherent, narrative report. By doing so, we streamline the communication of investigation findings, making it easier for teams to collaborate and make informed decisions.

Broadening Access to Advanced Investigative Tools

Siren 14 represents a real step forward in making sophisticated investigation tools accessible to a wider audience, from frontline officers and analysts, to command staff. The AI-driven search provides users with real-time data insights, traditionally reserved for expert analysts. This democratization of intelligence speeds up decision-making, enhances safety, and boosts operational efficiency across the board. For instance, frontline officers can quickly sift through complex data, identifying critical connections and insights that enable quick responses to dynamic situations. By equipping users with the ability to conduct complex multi-layered analyses through simple, intuitive interfaces, Siren ensures that every member of the team can contribute to more effective investigations.

Looking Forward: The Continuous Evolution of Investigative Intelligence

With knowledge graphs and AI capabilities, Siren continually pushes the boundaries of modern investigation. AI is reshaping search methodologies by altering the methods we use to find information. The Siren team is committed, as we have been from the inception of our company, to continue this journey of evolution and technological exploration. It’s important to mention, especially in the industries we serve, that without human strategic oversight, AI alone is not enough. Professionals in all industries must use AI tools to enhance, not replace, their decision-making. We will continue to improve their experience, help them with their missions and allow them to execute complex investigation tasks, bringing the power of the knowledge graph to their fingertips.


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