Investigative Intelligence for law enforcement and intelligence agencies; dramatically improving the investigative experience and speeding up the path to crime solving.

The novel “set to set” relational paradigm

Gives you relational drilldowns connecting a set of entities to related sets at big data scale

Narrowing on a set of suspects, transactions, events or locations is a core activity in intelligence and law enforcement. While most analytics tools allow you to restrict using metadata features, Siren Investigate is the only one that uses a unified data model to see how any “set” is interconnected to another “set”. See our video.

Siren Industries

From big data streams to insights

Analyze live streaming sets of transactions at Elasticsearch scale

Siren operates at big data scale either based on Elasticsearch or other stores where the data natively resides. No need for a separate graph database to provide link analysis: the Siren Platform provides a virtual graph API interface which leaves the data where it naturally resides.

Open source information analysis platform

Extract more value from your NLP annotated data with Siren

Processing textual data (from open source to internal memos) via an NLP platform extracts entities, metadata and relations which are often just used only in a superficial way due to lack of connections with other records in the organization. Built with a relational datamodel at heart, Siren is the perfect companion for your existing NLP/textual analysis platform. Don’t have one? Work with our partners.

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