Investigative intelligence for discovery & laboratory analytics, clinical operations, clinical trial quality analysis, real world data & bioinformatics

Investigative intelligence for life sciences

Throughout the life sciences industry, from early stage drug discovery and molecular knowledge investigation to post marketing surveillance in the shape of real world data analysis, there is an inherent need to uncover the underlying insights within data which can only be achieved through scalable investigative intelligence which is not dependent on ad hoc collaboration with IT.

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Discovery & laboratory data analytics

Whether examining the inter-dependency of data to avoid skewing analysis of laboratory results or searching for all data associated with a given molecule across in-house and external sources, researchers want to gain more insight into their data to help make better decisions. They are looking for ways to quickly get answers to their questions without relying on it.

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Clinical operations analytics

Pharmaceutical companies are implementing risk-based bonitoring to improve quality, and reduce risk and cost in their clinical trials. Although RBM gives good information about their trials, it is not enough. Clinical operations professionals want to be able to look across all their sites and mine 1,000s of pages of site monitoring reports to identify patterns associated with CROs, sites or investigators that impact their studies.
Some forward-looking ClinOps teams are marrying real-time data such as weather updates with clinical trial information to manage protocol deviations that can be caused by weather conditions. They needed a platform that could combine two sources of data that had never been previously connected.

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Clinical trial quality analytics

Knowing what problems occurred with clinical trials in the past helps pharmaceutical companies to better plan them in the future to accelerate the drug development process. Quality and Audit leaders want to rapidly see the relationship between their providers, audits, investigations, findings, and CAPAs to drill down to root causes that can be addressed. Being able to get this level of visibility across multiple trials gives them the insight to drive efficiency in planning future trials.

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Real world data analytics

Real world data is a new source of information being used by pharmaceutical companies in a variety of ways. The Medical Affairs group use this information to ensure that communications accurately reflect the performance of the drug in the market.
Commercial teams use real-world evidence with insurance companies to demonstrate the value of reimbursing their drugs.

Bioinformatics analytics

The use of medical devices and wearable technology is exploding in life sciences. Patient adoption is growing due to the improved quality of life opportunities that these technologies offer. These data flows are challenging the traditional infrastructure of pharmaceutical companies that were not designed for streaming data in large volumes. A platform that can handle structured and unstructured data that can be either static or real-time allows the data from these sources to be combined with the rich treasure trove of data that already exists to develop new insights.

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