A case study for at scale Molecular Knowledge Investigation

Life Sciences Case Study

Molecular Knowledge Investigation

Empowering early stage molecular investigation

Developing a new drug from the original idea to the launch of a finished product is a complex process which can very well take 10+ years and cost in excess of $1 billion. The idea for a target can come from a variety of sources including academic and clinical research and from the commercial sector. It may take many years to build up a body of supporting evidence before selecting a target for a costly drug discovery programme. For this reason, it was essential for this global pharmaceutical leader to expedite their molecular research process.


At scale molecular knowledge investigation

In this case, our customer’s investigators used to base their molecular exploratory research on disjointed data sources. The problem was about how to perform this exploratory research at scale over thousands of molecules at once. Furthermore, the company wasn’t able to leverage external and internal proprietary data as one to derive insights.


Siren relational drilldown capabilities

Siren’s drilldown capabilities provided this company with at scale interconnection of publications, assays, measurements, molecules databases, internal and external datasets. It also allowed PubMed (or other) textual entity extraction, with cross dataset search.


Much improved time to insight

The introduction of Siren in the company’s infrastructure provided an unparalleled ability to “connect the dots”, at investigator speed. The Federated ability, that quickly connects and joins data across multiple sources at huge scale, heavily decreased internal and external datasets and services incorporation costs.

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