Life Sciences Case Study

Clinical Trials

Assessing the impact of weather related events in the running of clinical trials

The visualization and understanding of data is essential to all industries, but particularly so in the case of the Life Sciences industry as if done correctly, it can help save lives. For this very reason, the operational aspects of running clinical trials are overly important to all stakeholders, as a re-scheduling for climate-related reasons, could end up costing this global pharmaceutical company 10s of millions of dollars.


Extreme Weather Event Risk Management in Clinical Trial

Clinical trials taking place in regions of the US being effected by Hurricanes leading to risk of re-scheduling of rails from the start costing 10s of millions of $. In a fast moving situation the operational management of the clinical trial had to be changed radically


Siren Operational Intelligence

Siren is loaded with the Clinical trial details including the trial location. The hurricane path is loaded into Siren and is cross referenced to the clinical trial producing a hurricane impact report on the clinical trial with a timeline. The system was regularly updated with new hurricane data as it proceeded to make sure that changes in weather pattern were accounted for. This gave a Clinical Trial management team unique insight on the impact of the hurricane on the individual trial participants


Reduced Trial Operational Risk

The Clinical trial continued without interruption as the trial planning took account of the potential impact of the hurricane before it hit. Trial participants were accommodated away from the hurricane impacted areas. This process was all managed without IT intervention.

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