A case study for Clinical Trial Quality Assurance Process Enhancement

Life Sciences Case Study

Clinical Trials

Proactive clinical trial quality process

The ability to derive insights from inherently interconnected data but which nevertheless isn't at a data infrastructure level is paramount for companies in the life sciences industry looking to empower proactive quality assurance processes that will ultimately lower costs, and pave the way for future operations by informing predictive and prescriptive action paths.


Proactive Clinical Trial Quality Process

A complex and interconnected chain of events, findings, actions and actors made one of our customers unable to efficiently and effectively mine knowledge from the past to reduce future risks and costs.


Siren Structured and Unstructured Analytics

The solution to the problem was deployed on the customer’s existing infrastructure and Siren’s unique relational capabilities made textual search and analytics across all the records in multiple databases possible. Moreover, the knowledge graph function incorporated in Siren Investigate enhanced the discovery solution.


Lowered Operational Cost, Predictive and Prescriptive Action Path Enablement

The results obtained ware an immediately identifiable chain of custody and visibility of patterns for specific locations, investigators, audits, and clinical trial types. Using Siren, in this case, made the company able to predict negative outcomes and prescribe corrective measures at a much lower cost than if addressed retroactively.

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