Discover and leverage your Enterprise Knowledge Graph

Simply connect Siren to your existing DBs and start seeing your data as a Knowledge Graph

BI meets Knowledge graph meets, Enterprise Search

A single platform containing the best in class link analysis tethered with relationally connected dashboards. 

Explore all your enterprise data (in any existing backend – graph or regular DB) as a “knowledge graph” with Siren. Combine best in class “link analysis”, with big data BI style dashboards, operational alerts and streaming content search.

How does it work?

Siren overlays a “think data model” on top of already deployed back-ends unifying data in SQL DBs, Elasticsearch, and graph DBs without the need to copy all in a single backend.

Use Graph DB superpowers, natively

Using Graph databases already?
Siren can connect directly directly so you can  leverage graph DB superpowers for graph traversals, graph metrics, and more. Read more on our Siren Neo4J blog post.

No Graph DB? Connect away….
Siren natively offers many graph exploration capabilities also on traditional backends (RDBMS, Elasticsearch, and others). Perform high scalability shortest path search and many more with no graph DB!

What do customers and partners say

“Platforms that enable the use of Graph, Machine Learning and AI to discover connections amongst disparate data sources to deliver insights, whilst maximizing the use of recent investments in Big Data technology, will become the go to tools for all organizations in 2018 and beyond.”
Arindam Choudhury, Vice President, & Global Leader for Big Data at Capgemeni

“Siren is a step above any other since it coherently integrates big data dashboards and traditional visual link analysis in a way that makes so much sense and gets the best of both. It’s “knowledge graph navigation at scale” considerably more useful than anything else we have seen”

Marco Battaglia – Head of Cyber Security Analysis at Sorint

Differentiating features for Investigative solutions

Investigative Intelligence Solution
Investigative Intelligence Solution
  • Knowledge graph enabled dashboards: Siren crosses BI with Knowledge Graph allowing “Set to Set” navigation. Check out some examples.
  • Best in class link analysis: beat the clutter, with spatial (relations on map), temporal (over time network evolution) and aggregate support, get the best clarity to understand your data.
  • No Graph Databases? No problem. Siren can connect to your existing DBs or to Elasticsearch (or use the internal one so you dont have to worry)
  • Have Graph Databases? Great, get the best from your investment for from it. Siren leverage Graph Databases unique superpower such as pathfinding abilities and graph metrics.
  • Advanced textual search , with document topic clustering, NLP, significant term extraction and more.
  • And much more more: from advanced security, to UI driven web service interaction, machine learning, entity resolution to alerting for live data scenario.
  • Siren ❤️ builders: Siren provides the perfect platform to build your next Knowledge Graph solution. Also with whitelabelling support and source code available deals.



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