Real time cross-dataset investigation

Joining the dots is key in the financial sector

Siren delivers new capabilities for fraud detection, risk management, opportunity discovery and more.

Relational Pivoting and Graph

Relational Pivoting and Graph

Siren Investigate unique “relational pivoting” and graph investigation capabilities are key in financial.

Real Time and Big Data

Real Time and Big Data

In real time from any existing enterprise data source.

Unstructured and Structured

Unstructured and Structured

Any textual data source can be leveraged in the analysis.

Data Security

Data Security

Source, table, column, row level access control. Encryption of data in motion and at rest.

How would you do this with any other tool?

Watch our video on a cross dataset financial analysis

In a few clicks we answer a question that would takes hours, if not days, to answer with any other methodology: “Who are the investor groups that have invested in companies which have later received a interesting press coverage on a specific topic?”

See how Siren Investigate`s unique “set to set” navigation enables this.

Siren Analysis

At the heart of core financial use cases

Fraud detection, risk management, opportunity discovery, know your customers

Siren’s ability to handle relations between textual and structured sources makes it uniquely suited in analysis where both human communications and hard facts need to be checked.

Asset Protection

Security and access control

Built for controlled information access

Siren has dashboard, widget, table, column and row level access control as well as full logging of user activities. It uses encrypted intercluster and client server communication and encryption at rest and will integrate with your existing enterprise authentication.

Siren Investigate

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