AI driven investigative intelligence platform for nimble Fraud and Financial Crime investigations

insights on demand, at big data scale

Quickly unearth insights and free analysts from rigid legacy solutions

Real-time complex event analysis

Real-time complex event analysis

Collect, filter and search financial data in real-time across your entire organization

Siren's pre-integrated capabilities

Siren’s pre-integrated capabilities

Unify and analyze data in its native environment

Investigative Intelligence Platform

Investigative Intelligence for Fraud & Financial Crime

Quickly and intuitively derive insights leveraging all your data

Go beyond rigid rule based techniques for financial crime investigations

Deliver less false positives with higher accuracy, while remaining nimble and resilient to emerging and evolving risks.

Minimize your dependency on legacy solutions that hinder your analysts abilities by relying solely on rules-based algorithms to prevent and detect fraud.

Break free from the constraints imposed by systems that require all the data to be in both a relational database format and to be available in the same back end database instance.

Unify, search, analyze and discover insights in real-time with true 360 degree views across your entire organization’s data both structured and unstructured.

Siren is helping some of the world’s largest financial institutions and payment providers to build that bigger picture.

Investigative intelligence that matches modern fraud and financial crime investigation requirements

Augmented Investigative Intelligence for Fraud and Financial Crime
Anti-Money Laundering

Span the myriad of systems and data sources:  from sanctions and PEP screening records to account application data and account access logs.

Gain actionable investigative insights of the ongoing risk profile of counter parties and meet Know Your Customer (KYC) / Customer Due Diligence (CDD) regulatory requirements.
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Fraud & authentication management

Accelerate investigations and derive insights across both internally and externally perpetrated fraudQuickly find clusters of coordinated ring activity, where entities are connected by one or more common attributes through various degrees of separations.
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Financial markets compliance

Stay on top of regulatory obligations and minimize your reputational and regulatory exposure by seamlessly unifying all your data and identifying pitfalls.

From Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) & Currency Transaction Reports (CTRs) to employee master files and internal/external blacklist information.
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What do customers and partners say

“The industry is moving towards non-rules based techniques to prevent and detect fraud which generate less false positives with higher accuracy, are more adaptable and resilient to emerging and evolving risks, and are better at spotting the “unknown unknowns”. Siren is at the forefront of the next generation solution ecosystem as compared to currently available commercial solutions.”

Frank Badalamenti, principal at PwC

“With the system built on top of the Siren platform we can achieve a 50% reduction in false positives for the first time, an industry standard yet to be surpassed, as well as reducing manual case reviews by 40%.”

Andrew Davies, head of business and innovation at Pay360 by Capita

The Siren Platform™: Elasticsearch meets relational and virtualization capabilities.

Discover how Siren fits into your big data ecosystem

Platform Overview

  • Cross back-end investigations where data resides
  • Relationally connected dashboards
  • Content search, discovery and API integrations
  • Built-in knowledge graph & link analysis
  • Enterprise level security and a developer friendly platform
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Product brief

A smart solution to the "buy" vs "make" dilema

The Siren Platform™ empowers financial crime fighting operators to conduct swift and more flexible investigations