Siren Teams Up with Strings for Asia Pacific Push

Published: Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

GALWAY, IRELAND, October 13, 2020Siren, the leading provider of Investigative Intelligence analytics, today announced a strategic partnership with Strings, a Malaysian-based technology provider focused on big data and advanced analytical solutions.  The collaboration between the two companies will enable Strings to introduce Siren – a platform that combines advanced link analysis, BI, big data monitoring, operational intelligence monitoring, data discovery and search – to its existing Government and commercial customers.

John Randles, CEO of Siren, explained: “We continue to expand our partner network and Strings provides us with domain experience and implementation experience in the Asia Pacific region. Strings is a reliable and credible partner that has strong relationships with users of investigative intelligence technologies. The agreement will open up an array of new opportunities for us.”

Strings specializes in helping its clients find clarity from complexity, when dealing with massive disparate data sets that were never intended to be analyzed together. By focusing on scale and speed, its relationships with partners like Siren enable it to deliver actionable insights in regard to threat detection and fraud, protecting high value networks.

The Siren Investigative Intelligence platform is used worldwide as a key component in investigative solutions (fraud, intelligence, and policing), search and discovery solutions (healthcare, enterprise search) and as an enhancement to Elasticsearch implementations (cybersecurity, threat intelligence and operations). It makes domain experts more self-sufficient from IT than ever before, allowing them to ingest, model and investigate correlations without coding support.

Fendi Effendy, CEO of Strings, said: “Through the Siren partnership, we are able to offer our customers a proven enterprise grade solution that is recognized as industry leading. It’s a platform that will be used by many of our clients who are trying to address an investigative landscape that is constantly evolving.”

Effendy concluded: “Siren provides organizations with the tools to understand and leverage how critical data is interconnected in real-time, fusing previously disparate functionalities.”


Siren provides the leading Investigative Intelligence platform to some of the world’s largest and most complex organizations for Investigative Intelligence on their data. Rooted in academic R&D in information retrieval, distributed computing and knowledge representation, the Siren platform provides integrated investigative intelligence combining previously disconnected capability of search, business intelligence, link analysis and big data operational logging and alerting.

Among Siren awards are Technology Innovation of the Year and the Irish Startup of the Year (Ireland’s National Tech Excellence awards). In 2020, Siren was named as a Gartner Cool Vendor in an Analytics and Data Science Report. For more information, visit

About Strings

Strings Global Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2019 by a group of technology enthusiasts comprising business executives and software engineers that have initiated the first Open Banking Project by TESOBE GmbH within South East Asia. Since then, it has expanded its product and services in big data analytics focusing on the Investigative Intelligence with technology partners. For more information, visit

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