Siren Solutions is now Siren (.io)

Published: Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

We’re very excited today to announce our general rebranding from Siren Solutions to Siren.

Check out our new logo:

Make sure to visit our new web presence at

Siren Mission

Siren (from the acronym SEmantic INformation Retrieval) has the mission to deliver a new breed of analytics, which we call Data Intelligence, to organizations addressing some of the World’s most important problems.

Our 1.5 minute intro video featuring Dr. Giovanni Tummarello, Founder and Chief Product Officer:

Siren innovation in 1 minute from Siren on Vimeo.

See the Siren Platform in action

From our new website, here are two videos of the Siren Platform in action:

Use case 1: Financial opportunity investigation

(Watch this, a great general example too)

Use case 2: Life Science

Exploring CHEMBL, a database of molecules, scientific papers, experiments and targets

Not your field? Some of our other industry pages:

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