Siren augments Elasticsearch capabilities with features which are critical in Investigative Intelligence scenarios.

Augmented Search Engine capabilities for Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch for Investigative Intelligence

Siren, an partner, specializes in extending the core ELK with features which are critical in Investigative use cases. 

From in-cluster distributed big data joins to in cluster graph algorithms, link analysis, data virtualization of JDBC datasources and much more.

The Siren Federate™ Elasticsearch plug-in

Siren Technology is just a plug-in away

Siren’s relational and federation technology comes packaged in the multi patent pending Siren Federate™ plugin for Elasticsearch. Featuring  vertical and horizontal scalability without impacting the performance of standard Elasticsearch operations. 

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Meet “Siren Investigate”, the Siren UI

Siren’s front-end installs just like Kibana and delivers the industry most advanced big data “Investigative Intelligence” capabilities.

The Siren Platform

Siren Industries


Solutions built on top of Siren

Siren powered solutions are deployed across sectors including Law Enforcement & Intelligence, Financial Crime, Operational Intelligence & Cybersecurity.

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