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The Problem

Too many threats and sources with not enough resources to process data manually

A national intelligence agency had the remit to monitor for threats against leadership, VIPs, visiting dignitaries and to monitor for terrorist and radical threats online. The process was labor intensive, error prone and down to the individual efforts of analysts working through a sea of data without a structured process using various ad hoc tools. This made the process of onboarding new analysts very difficult and an unending process.

The Solution

Siren with live integrated OSINT feeds

The Siren OSINT solution was implemented and deployed in 2 months, integrating with a commercial OSINT data feed provider.

The data feeds initially used were: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Reddit, Telegram, Discord, Darkweb

The analysts were able to use search, dashboards, graph analytics and alerts to track activity of people of interest. The analysts also get huge use out of algorithms such as common communicator and shortest path. The system also supports report creation for intelligence dissemination, plus has a detailed audit of the activity of all analysts. The analyst is able to maintain its out keywords and accounts they wish to monitor. The use of NLP in the incoming unstructured text allows for identification of people, places and threat terms.

The Outcome

Better intelligence, delivered at scale to a structured controlled process

The system allowed the agency to monitor a large number of threats simultaneously through very high levels of automation. The creation of intelligence reports is now done 3X faster than the previous manual process. The onboarding of staff is now 2X faster than in the manual processes of before. The automated alerts, which are regularly tweaked by analysts to increase fidelity, give far greater confidence to leadership that real threat activity will be spotted and acted on.

Automated alerts give far greater confidenceAutomated alerts give far greater confidence
Automated threat monitoringAutomated threat monitoring
Intelligence reports now 3X fasterIntelligence reports now 3X faster
Staff onboarding now 2X fasterStaff onboarding now 2X faster