Transformative Enterprise Knowledge Graphs initiative announced at Strata

Published: Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

Siren also announced the release of Siren 10 to propel clients directly into knowledge graphs

Siren, together with industry partners and leading industry adopters, today called for industry-wide discussion on principles for Data Intelligence. Data Intelligence enables knowledge-centric companies to join the dots among the thousands of internal and external datasets to perform business-critical functions and the use of connected Knowledge Graphs is at its core.

The company, together with partners Capgemini and Cambridge Intelligence, is announcing at Strata the ‘Transformative Enterprise Knowledge Graphs’ initiative to foster agreed principles on creating Data Intelligence that is sustainable and optimised for Enterprise.

Arindam Choudhury, Vice President, & Global Leader for Big Data at Capgemeni said: “As organizations start to pivot from being Data Driven to Insights Driven, time to market for delivering new insights is crucial. Platforms that enable the use of Graph, Machine Learning and AI to discover connections amongst disparate data sources to deliver insights, whilst maximizing the use of recent investments in Big Data technology, will become the go to tools for all organizations in 2018 and beyond.”

Dr Joe Parry, CEO of Cambridge Intelligence said: “Companies are excited by the transformative potential of knowledge graph technologies, but that excitement often turns to frustration when they struggle to find the accessible, intuitive and powerful knowledge graph exploration tools that stakeholders need and expect. We’re excited to be part of this initiative that presents practical solutions to that challenge. Graph visualization is the most powerful, flexible and scalable way to understand and explore graphs, bridging the gap between data and insight.”

The initiative comprises webinars, events and articles featuring industry leaders on the product, customer and system integration side.

Topics and core principles to be discussed:

  • Lightweight: finding ways to deliver knowledge graph projects without significant upheaval of the existing data infrastructures.
  • Multiscale: allowing data analysis and exploration at any given scale, from ‘atom to galaxy.’
  • Smart and intuitive: harnessing technologies, including AI and Semantic, to deliver Knowledge Graph value in context with the user activity.
  • Planning for uncertainties and noise: no enterprise dataset is perfect, so knowledge graph technologies need to effectively solve the problems of search, uncertain links and fuzzy data.
  • Multi-modality and variety: creating knowledge graphs that naturally derive value by encompassing the greatest variety of data, including unstructured content and multimedia.

CDOs and CIOs know that joining the dots is critical, whether the mission is to find the formula of a new drug, detect a fraud attempt, mitigate risk or find opportunities for operational optimizations”, Dr. Giovanni Tummarello, founder and CPO at Siren, said. “For these executives achieving Data Intelligence is about being able to sleep at night knowing that if there are risks or opportunities in the ever-growing data available, the tools are in place to be able to discover them”.

Traditional data discovery technologies provide pie charts, dashboards and search individual documents, but enterprises realize that it is often in the interconnections between data sets that unexpected value is discovered.  To tackle this, many have started “Knowledge Graph” initiatives – seeking the ability to explore and leverage interconnections. Many of these initiatives fail, however, and Siren sees a vital need for industry-wide debate on principles that will lead to success versus approaches that have often led to disappointment.

Data is becoming a recognized asset in every firm in every industry but there is widespread frustration when it comes to solving problems with data. If we can all agree a common set of principles, technology providers and enterprise users alike, it should help us all to use Data Intelligence to drive business value,” added John Randles, CEO of Siren.

At the Strata Event, Siren is also announcing the release of Siren 10. Siren’s Data Intelligence platform now has the ability to analyze Data and provide Knowledge Graph capabilities without the need to move data from the existing DBs and Big Data systems where it resides. Read more about it here

“Transformative Enterprise Knowledge Graphs” Initiative – Upcoming Events:

The first events scheduled are:

  • March 29th 2018 – the Connected Data Visualization Consortium (CDVC) meeting in San Francisco, CA, coordinated by Cambridge Intelligence:
  • April 10th 2018 – Siren 10 launch webinar
  • April 28th 2018 – Enterprise Knowledge Graphs that Work – Webinar
About Siren:

Siren delivers Data Intelligence software that serve the investigators and analysts across sectors. Uniquely rooted in modern open source and federation semantics the Siren platform allows customers to leverage relationships across multiple data sets, enabling operational intelligence (e.g. system monitoring, cybersecurity, process monitoring), research intelligence (e.g. discovery of trading opportunities, life sciences drug research, KYC and counterparty risk management) and investigative intelligence (used by police, state security services, regulators and compliance teams).

About Capgemini:

A global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation, Capgemini is at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breadth of clients’ opportunities in the evolving world of cloud, digital and platforms. Building on its strong 50-year heritage and deep industry-specific expertise, Capgemini enables organizations to realize their business ambitions through an array of services from strategy to operations. Capgemini is driven by the conviction that the business value of technology comes from and through people. It is a multicultural company of 200,000 team members in over 40 countries. The Group reported 2017 global revenues of EUR 12.8 billion.

About Cambridge Intelligence:

Cambridge Intelligence Limited is a leading provider of network visualization and analysis solutions. Its KeyLines product is a lightweight, flexible network visualization and analysis technology which works across multiple platforms and devices, including tablets and smartphones. KeyLines has been deployed on solutions across law enforcement, cyber security, fraud detection, counter-terrorism, CRM, sales and social/professional networks.

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