Announcing Siren Vanguard and Kibi 5.4

Published: Friday, July 28th, 2017

Today we’re excited to announce the following:

Availability of Kibi 5.4 Beta 2

Kibi 5.4 inherits all of the Kibana 5.4 features and introduces some great new usability features. Read all about it in this blog post

Introducing Vanguard, our new relational Elasticsearch plugin

Today we are also releasing for the first time Siren Vanguard, our product for relational federated queries inside Elasticsearch. Vanguard replaces our previous Siren Join and has an exciting roadmap to support both Kibi and any application you might want to write on top of it.  For more details read this blog post on Vanguard.

Coming soon – Kibi 5.4 production and the cool news is it will include all the components previously only available in the enterprise version in the core download.

Stay tuned!

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