A case study for Global Unified Communications

Siren for Unified Communications


Delivering an integrated turnkey solution for global communications quality management

The way people communicate has changed. We no longer just make phone calls or send faxes. We now send instant messages., make video calls, share screens and have virtual meetings. Organisations and their employees require these new capabilities to remain productive and look to unified communications providers that have a resilient and scalable infrastructure that will enable their teams to be interconnected between themselves and their customers 24/7. 365 days a year. This is why a global leader in the space of global unified communications, operating in over 85 countries, turned to Siren to help them turn their company from data driven to an insight driven one.


Non Integrated Unified Communications Management Systems

Our client a global unified communications provider had the issue of possessing siloed Call Detail Records (CDRs) on three different Service and Performance Checkout Systems (SPCs), with no interconnection between CDRs, call quality information and API call logs. Furthermore, they had no user friendly interface to manage and visualize the CDRs, which meant this information was only accessible to engineers and tier three level support.


Siren Investigate – Telecommunications Edition

We deployed the Siren Platform to integrate, create joins and visualize data from the multiple existing sources. Existing systems such as HEPIC were seamlessly integrated into the platform to provide a cohesive central point of truth for all operational requirements.


User Accessible Turnkey Solution

The implementation of the Siren platform meant the creation of a turnkey solution covering end-to-end packet capture, indexing, and analytics with no data transformation required even enabling the correlation of API call logs to CDRs. It, moreover, allowed for the deployment of a user friendly, easily consumable system by all support tiers.

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