Blog 21 Feb 2023

Siren 13 Reaches The Front Line Of Crime

Author: Jeferson Zanim
Author Jeferson Zanim
Siren 13 Reaches The Front Line Of Crime

As the child of two law enforcement officers, I learned at a young age not only how important it is to keep our communities safe but also the challenges faced every day to do so. Feeling safe is a primary need for human beings and as society evolves it becomes increasingly difficult to provide public safety at the scale it is needed. The more I learned about technology growing up, the more I realized how limited it was for my parents at work and for national security in general.

I knew they were assisting the greater good but at the same time it was impossible to overlook how constrained they were by physical and technological resources, and the inherent danger associated with the job. Their work taught me the importance of persevering in the face of adversity, and finding a way to overcome barriers with the limited tools. That way of thinking led me to a career in technology, where I now use my creativity to build software that helps protect people.

Siren 13

For that reason it gives me immense pleasure that in the Siren 13 release we reached new heights in terms of performance, which will enable more people to benefit from real-time information. In simple terms Siren is now twice as fast. This means that our technology is now reaching the first responders who need to make critical decisions in extremely short time windows. Police dispatchers can now give more detailed information to their officers about the individuals and groups they are intercepting. It allows them to make further decisions which can reduce the level of danger to themselves and to others.

We have also made it easier for our customers to communicate the details of their investigations with more advanced intelligence products. There is richer reporting, the ability to print large complex diagrams on high fidelity charts, to download graphs in PNG files via the API and to produce advanced ad hoc dashboard reports. ESRI vector layers can now be applied to coordinate maps to include census tracts or land parcels and images can be viewed more easily with zoom in capability directly from the record. 

Siren 13 also extends its investigative search capabilities with advanced features such as visual icons to identify sub-groups of data and unlimited sub-searches to allow for quicker and easier processing of large data sets. 

A better analyst experience:

  • 2 x Search Speed
  • Improved UX
  • Advanced Features such as category
  • Ad Hoc dashboards
  • Enhanced audit capability

Better intelligence products:

  • Richer reporting
  • High Fidelity charts
  • ESRI added to coordinate maps

Being able to deliver solutions that aid officers in their day-to-day work, making sure they can protect others and come home safe to their families, is an incredible reward in itself. It motivates me to know I can make the world better by assisting law enforcement agencies in doing their jobs more efficiently and effectively. To learn more about what we are doing at Siren attend our Webinar on 22nd February or download our latest white paper.


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