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Real-time AI driven intelligence is here: Unveiling the future at NFCA

Author: Davide Paoletti
Author Davide Paoletti
Real-time AI driven intelligence is here: Unveiling the future at NFCA

National Fusion Center Association Initiation

Navigating through the fusion of history and innovation, the NFCA Annual Training Event at the Omni Shoreham Hotel was more than a convergence of minds, it was a display of the future taking shape. As a data scientist and product specialist for Siren, it was a moment of professional pride and a critical juncture in my personal quest to harness all forms of data to aid those committed to making our world a safer place. Amidst the gathering of the United States’ intelligence elite, we were united by a common cause, a collective conscience dedicated to preventing another tragedy akin to 9/11. It was a room where the weight of responsibility could be felt, an air of commitment  to a mission far greater than any single individual. 

Respecting Events Of The Past

The event commenced with a poignant homage to the past, a solemn moment of silence for the victims of 9/11. This reflective pause was followed by a military tribute, an acknowledgment of the sacrifices made and the vigilant stance we must continue to uphold. 

What struck me as an IT professional during these moments was how the skepticism surrounding the use of technology and the fear of a ‘big brother’ can be highly relatable. It made me firmer in my belief however that the right use of analytical power is a beacon for good, not a tool for fear and that I am working in a field where I belong. For the upstanding members of society, these advancements in data analysis offer nothing to fear, and in fact should be used to reinforce our protection against threats and enable a journey to transparency and leadership. 

As the initial speech set the tone, it underscored the urgency of our delegation. It wasn’t just about remembering the past; it was about actively shaping a future where such tragedies are circumvented by collective vigilance and enabled by our work in technology and data science. 

A Siren video was also played from stage where we heard from our CEO John Randles and Bob Griffin, Siren’s Chairman, whose reputation as the “grandfather of information retrieval” speaks for itself. He said that  “Siren has the power to revolutionize the world of investigation.” and that’s what we wanted to show the attendees at the conference.

The Calm Before the Storm 

After the intros and ready at our station, we prepared to showcase our latest Siren 14 demo. The latest version of our platform, at the forefront of innovation, blending AI with our data model, a development that could redefine the field of investigative analytics. As the day unfolded, our Siren stand turned into a hive of activity. Visitors from renowned intelligence agencies were visibly impressed with the responsiveness and agility of our app. They were impressed at how effortlessly they could add pieces of evidence to a “shopping cart,” with our system dynamically organizing the results for quick, comprehensive reviews. It wasn’t just the efficiency that caught their attention; it was the fun they experienced in the process. One former NYPD homicide detective marveled at the speed, saying, “This is mind blowing. It would have taken me days to find this needle in the haystack.”

Yet, a real ‘wow’ audience moment was still on the horizon. It arrived when we demonstrated how our language model could synthesize the data into a coherent report, complete with key findings and conclusions, all from the accumulated results in the link analysis tool. This is something that I have worked on myself so it was very satisfying to hear a group of ex-police officers, now with ESRI, approach with keen interest. One of them said “This product sells itself, can I give it a try?” This sort of comment I take as the highest form of compliment, reaffirming the value of our technology.

The Journey Continues 

When I review the contents of three intense days, it wasn’t just our networks that had expanded nor the amount of knowledge we had accumulated, it was a real personal milestone for me to see how far we’ve come. With Siren’s technology, the future of investigative data isn’t just bright; it’s already here. In the narrative of our journey, the NFCA Annual Training Event was a chapter that underscored the collaborative spirit of law enforcement, the relentless pursuit of technology innovation and the unwavering commitment to making our communities safer. And as for myself, it was a reaffirming experience that what we do matters as a company, in the field, and in the very fabric of our communities and countries. If you would to see our latest demo, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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