Dr. David Huynh joins Siren Advisory Board

Published: Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

Dublin 4/4/2016 – Dr. David Francois Huynh, creator of much-loved data wrangling and browsing tools has joined Siren Solutions as an Adviser for Data Interaction User Experience.

“We’re very thrilled to be working with David”, says Dr. Giovanni Tummarello – CEO at Siren Solutions – “He has a unique talent for creating interfaces and data environments which change the boundaries in how we can understand and make decisions from that data. His Ph.D work at MIT (Exhibit, Timeline and many others) and later his work at Freebase and Google, have been deployed by many around the Web and are an enormous source of inspiration for those in this sector”, Dr. Tummarello adds.

“At Google, Big Data is the norm, from massive data streams we get from the outside to enormous datasets we generate internally. But in a way, that’s already yesterday’s problem.”  said Dr. Huynh. “Today,  information is more and more interrelated. Making the best use of that information requires us to be able to connect the dots, and see those relationships using multiple paradigms, from graph to relationally connected lists and more. Previously at MIT, I experimented with promising graph-based user interface prototypes, but they had no hope to scale. Now, it is exciting to see the Siren Solutions team can deliver similar capabilities leveraging some of the most scalable and promising technologies in industry. The result is very applicable across domains and I look forward to contribute making these new data analysis capabilities available in the most accessible way to users and data analysts.”, Dr. Huynh added.

David Huynh, Ph.D currently works at Google Research. While at MIT, he created groundbreaking data browsing concepts of great inspiration to what Kibi can do today. As Interaction Scientist at Metaweb (Freebase) and Google, he developed novel data graph interaction techniques which are currently in daily use by millions of people. He is also the creator of OpenRefine, an open-source data cleaning tool beloved of  librarians,  data journalists, or anyone who wrangles data. Other Siren Solution advisers include Marco Varone and Luca Olivari.

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