Kibi/Kibana and Hadoop? Meet us @HadoopSummit 2016

Published: Friday, April 8th, 2016

Siren Solutions is very proud to sponsor the Hadoop Summit 2016 in Dublin, Ireland. Look for the guys in Orange and Black in the conference hall  on April 13-14.

Kibi/Kibana/Elasticsearch and Hadoop? Like “Pizza and Beer”

Kibi is the most advanced solution today to analyse (interconnected) streaming data, and thanks to its Elasticsearch backend, it does not require Hadoop. (Elasticsearch is a distributed system itself).

But there are things that Elasticsearch and Information Retrieval system in general don’t really do that well, and that is large scale date transformations, machine learning (ok.. things might be moving but still). Deep Heavy, Workflowy stuff.

So the two things are meant to go together. Like Beer and Pizza, they very nicely complement.

So, after after a long day of Hadoop Based pre-processing,  machine learning and all that, are you sure you don’t fancy being able to do jaw droppingly flexible realtime investigations/ search/ mashups with live streaming (processed or unprocessed data)?

If this sounds tempting, its also super easy via the Elastic Hadoop connector

So put all together and it might all look a little something like this:


Jokes aside, Kibi and Hadoop go well together because you should only be thinking about the data you have and how you’ll solve your problems. And Kibi can help, a lot.

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