Kibi 4.4 is here: graph analytics and more

Published: Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

Welcome Kibi Enterprise Edition 4.4.1

What is Kibi Enterprise EdItion?

KIBI EE takes Kibi to the next level.  It’s for Enterprises. For Data Intelligence. For OEMers who want to build the next big thing based on a platform like no others.

What is new in Enterprise Edition?

Exclusively for the Enterprise Edition:

Worth watching: Kibi EE Launch Webinar

If you’re interested in data intelligence you shouldn’t miss our first demo of Kibi EE

The really impatient can skip to here for the beginning of the sci-fi cool demo part.

Oh and if you’re not following us on Youtube, please, subscribe to our channel here. We will make it worth your subscription as we’re about to release a series of concise and informative demos that we hope will be of great inspiration to all those excited about the possibilities of KIBI

Welcome Kibi Community 4.4.1 (4.4.1 ????)

Today marks also the release of the  Kibi Community Edition 4.4.1 . As you may notice we have skipped a few versions here jumping from the 0.3.3 of the previous one.

The reason is that 0.3.4 didn’t make much sense as a version: kibi is not in beta

Because of the nature of this project Kibi does not detract anything from Kibana – it just adds our amazing capabilities. Kibana is by all mean production grade and our extra capabilities have been out and in production in many sectors since we released over 6 months ago.

So down with the 0.x and welcome to a much clearer versioning number: the same as the Kibana version that Kibi extends (which in turn is now tied to the ES version. which in turn is tied to the Siren Join version. So it all works, all matches, all happy)

What is new in the Community Edition?

This new edition upgrades the previous one by fixing different bugs and providing relevant stability improvements.

We also improved the documentation, the quality of the demo dataset and the kibi.bat file for Windows, to give you the best experience ever.

Caching can now be enabled/disabled per datasource from UI configuration and we have equipped it with a new version of Kibi Timeline plugin 0.1.4, available for both community and enterprise editions.

What’s Next? 

Next Stop for both versions is the Kibi 4.5 series,  in a few days, featuring Elasticsearch 2.3.x compatibility and then ahead and beyond.. onto 5.0 featuring among the other things full compatibility + extension of Elasticsearch own graph APIs and more 😎

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