Kibi 0.3.x is out! What’s new & what’s coming

Published: Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

0.1… 0.2… 0.3 !!!!!! 
We are super happy to announce the general availability of Kibi 0.3.x series!!!

What’s new (and why it matters)

Kibi 0.3.x extends directly the latest Kibana available today (4.4.x). This means:

The Plugin bar in action…


But there is more: mega indexes? Welcome bloom filter joins

On top of this 0.3 can leverage new functionalities of the latest Siren Join plugin for very large datasets using “bloom filters” if needed.
Bottom line, do you need to cross 40m IPs with 1B log entries ? We have a setting for you :).

…Big things in store!

Kibi Enterprise Edition is coming soon. Stay tuned for a specific announcement and seminar but in the meanwhile here is the Graph Browser in our typical “articles/companies/investments/investor demo” in Kibi EE.
Geeks only – No, it is not like the one ELASTIC IS WORKING on… but it is beautifully complementary:

We are super excited about that new feature in Elasticsearch and we look forward to support it.


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