Siren Investigate Telecom Edition comes with a set of components that are fit for telecommunications & content streaming data analysis

Real Insights for Telecom

Siren Investigate Telecom brings Analytics and Business Intelligence to Real-Time Communications.

Powerful Search


Leveraging the most flexible Full-Text Search and Join Technologies

Relational Data


Explore and Correlate Signaling, Media, Logs w/ Graph Analytics



Scale across physical DCs, Clouds and Networks transparently

Production Ready

Production Ready

Instant Value w/ Visualization, User Level Security, Alerts & Reports

Siren Investigate

Telecom and RTC Intelligence

Revolutionizing the Industry

Siren Investigate Telecom Edition components are a perfect fit for Telecom Analytics and Business/Data Intelligence, leveraging its ability to Index, Join and Correlate vendor agnostic metadata, metrics and large datasets, suitable for both Investigation/Exploration and automated Alerting/Reporting on any vector or condition.

Siren Industries

Fraud and Anomaly Detection

Meaningful Insights

Siren Investigate Telecom Edition is able to Join information obtained from Packets, Logs, Metrics as well as custom reporters, to cleanly and easily allow intersection of vectors for Traffic Usage and User profiling, Interconnection Quality between entities, Abuse/Fraud detection based on cost and destination and much more.

Siren Investigate

Integration Ready

A HEPIC integration

Siren Investigate Telecom Edition is integrated with HEPIC the leading RTC Monitoring platform, together delivering a Turn-Key solution covering end-to-end Packet Capture, Indexing and Analytics offering an unprecedented set of global features designed for large, small or virtual Telecom operators, Enterprises or Interconnection Business.

Siren Investigate

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