Data intelligence on top of contemporary big data infrastructure

Siren Tech Overview

Architectural overview

Configuration and Plugins: Configurable data model, dashboards widgets, entity visualizations templates, graph transformation scripts and more. Compatible with Kibana plugins.
Kibi (and Sentinl): Kibi is the analysis front end. For a walk-through of Kibi features see our PRODUCT OVERVIEW page and our SUPPORT site. Sentinl is the open source Siren application for alerting and scheduled reporting. Sentinl is shipped with Kibi. Visit our SENTINL page.
Vanguard Nodes: these are the backend node(s) that power Kibi. Existing Elasticsearch cluster nodes can be upgraded to be Vanguard nodes by installing the required plugins (Vanguard plugin for Elasticsearch and Search Guard). Visit our VANGUARD page.
Big Data Layer: Kibi is ideally suited to work on data loaded inside an Elasticsearch cluster (whereas the Vanguard technology has been installed as a plugin). From Q4 Kibi will also be able to operate on other JDBC backends.

Core features

Key capabilities for data intelligence, backed by modern big data technologies

Relational Pivoting

Relational Pivoting

Unique “relational pivoting” abilities for set to set navigation

Unstructured and Structured

Unstructured and Structured

Any textual data source can be leveraged in the analysis.

Join the dots

Join within and across datasets

Highly customizable graph analysis

Search at its core

Search technology at its Core

Orders of magnitude faster drilldowns, significance ranking, fuzzy search and more.

Operational Alerting

Operational Alerting

Sophisticated Notifications can be created leveraging aggregates and relational capabilities.

Real Time and Big Data

Real Time and Big Data

In real time from any existing enterprise data source.


Access Control

Source, table, column, field, row, dashboard, object level access control.

Data Security


Encrypted in motion at at rest.

Kibi Screenshot

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Product downloads, FAQs and technical specifications

“Built on real big data technologies. Clearly much more interesting than anything I have seen before”
Head of Corporate Security, Fortune 50 Company

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