A unique combination of technologies, leveraging existing big data infrastructures to deliver a unique experience

Architectural overview

Core features across the stack


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Real Time and Big Data

In real time from any existing enterprise data source.

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Encrypted in motion and at rest.

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Unstructured and Structured

Any textual data source can be leveraged in the analysis.

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Cross backend

Across multiple backend technologies.

Semantic Model

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Relational Pivoting

Unique “relational pivoting” abilities for set to set navigation.

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Simple modelling

Simple modeling, huge benefits

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Knowledge Graph benefits, with no ETL to graph stores.

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Virtual Graph Queries

Gremlin graph query language for ad hoc queries.


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Open and extensible, compatible with Elasticsearch and Kibana plugins.

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Link analysis

Within and across datasets

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User entitlements

Definition and control of access to data sets and data elements.

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Search technology at its Core

Significance ranking, fuzzy and phonetic search and more.


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Operational Alerting

Be notified when events happen. With cross back end triggers.

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High availability

Never miss a notification

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Scheduled reporting mode.

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Statistical Anomaly Detection

Advanced scripting for statistical anomaly detections.

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