Siren for Elasticsearch

Leverage your existing Elasticsearch cluster and empower your investigative needs with the Siren platform

Augmented Search Engine capabilities for Elasticsearch

Augment Elasticsearch with investigative superpowers

The Siren platform extends core ELK capabilities with distributed big data join and true knowledge graph functionalities.

If you’re looking at terabytes of data, whether it’s application-generated, transaction, communications or activity logs, real-time join capabilities are crucial for troubleshooting, providing core alerts, detecting fraud and breaches, and investigating the impact and extent of incidents.

Have an existing Elasticsearch cluster? No problem, just add the Siren Federate plugin for Elasticsearch and you’re good to go

User features that really matter

Thanks to Siren’s enhancements to Elasticsearch, users get the great interactive experience of an indexed search engine, plus:

  • True relational navigation at scale, powered by distributed in-cluster joins.
  • True data virtualization capabilities, allowing you to also connect to JDBC datasources (with no ETL).
  • True link analysis, with map, timeline, grouping, and advanced scripting for graph visualizations.

Also: see Siren in action on cyber security logs

Build on top of a true relational, federated data model

In Siren, you can define a true relational schema which ties the ES indices together, as well as remote virtualized JDBC datasources.

Build on top of Siren and make your users understand and leverage the knowledge graph in the data you already have in Elasticsearch or other datasources.

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Performance and scalability the way investigators want it

Powerful horizontal and vertical scaling

Siren Federate’s Elasticsearch cross index join algorithms are parallelized in order to leverage multi-core architecture enabling vertical scaling with the amount of cores with no compromises for the basic Elasticsearch performance thanks to the use of off-heap memory.

The platform is ready for multiple user usage, performing multiple queries concurrently over hundreds of millions of records

See the bechmark results

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