Siren for Elasticsearch

Leverage your existing Elasticsearch cluster and empower your investigative needs with the Siren platform

Investigative intelligence for Elasticsearch

The Siren platform is the industry’s most powerful elasticsearch compatible platform for investigative intelligence use cases from collusion detection and anti money laundering (AML) in the financial services industry to threat hunting, and open-source intelligence within the law enforcement and intelligence communities.

In the age of big data, Siren puts the investigator first by turning complex disconnected data into an intuitive, interactive yet robust visual map of the investigation. Now, subject domain experts can literally see hidden connections across any and all data sources without asking IT to write complex queries or searching through endless tables. The result is faster, more intuitive and conclusive investigations that allow professionals to focus on analysis instead of wrangling of their data sets

Augmented Search Engine capabilities for Elasticsearch

Augmenting search engine capabilities

 For the use cases that Siren addresses, an excellent starting point for data search and analytics.

  • True relational faceted search engine capabilities
  • Leverage your data wherever it resides
  • Supporting from visual investigative intelligence to connectivity analysis

Delivering large scale real-time data joins; empowering investigators to do more

Siren Technology and Architecture

 For the use cases that Siren addresses, an excellent starting point for data search and analytics.

  • Specially defined OWL ontology with implementation of the Gremlin graph query language
  • Distributed/federated relational layer harnessing Elasticsearch yet extending it with real-time query translation to various native backend languages
  • High performance cross index/cross backend capabilities

Siren is helping some of the world’s leading data centric organisations to build that bigger picture levaraging their existing ES installation.

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Performance and scalability the way investigators want it

Powerful horizontal and vertical scaling

Siren Federate’s Elasticsearch cross index join algorithms are parallelized in order to leverage multi-core architecture enabling vertical scaling with the amount of cores with no compromises for the basic Elasticsearch performance thanks to the use of off-heap memory.

The platform is ready for multiple user usage, even when performing multipe queries concurrently over millons of records

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