Never before available power to investigate & leverage the connections between Life Science data.


Real Insights for Life Sciences

Kibi comes with a set of components that are fit for life science data visualization.

Optimized Join Technology

Search at its Core

Leveraging the most powerful Search Technology

Optimized Join Technology

Relational Drilldown

Relational Drilldowns and Graph analysis

Optimized Join Technology

Life Science Components

Advanced Statistics and Domain Visualizations built for life science

Optimized Join Technology

Life Science Expertise

Work with our Life Science Team

Never available before

Discover the “Set to Set” navigation model in life science

Kibi uniquely provides the power to relationally navigate your life science public and private data. At each stage using state of the art search capabilities for mixed structured and unstructured content.

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Across primary and secondary analysis

Used from R&D to clinical trials to operations

Used by world leading pharma companies in use cases ranging from R&D to clinical trials and secondary analysis. Kibi has the power to interconnect any dataset and provide invaluable insights in some life science most complex investigations.

Kibi life Science

Get the life science edition

Discover the Siren platform life science edition

Kibi life science edition features molecular search, big data/interactive speed scatterplots, probability density functions, and several other visualization which are key in advanced quantitative analysis.

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