Elasticsearch based real time stream visualization and Analysis

Elasticsearch and Relational analysis for IoT

The IoT produces enormous amounts of data: discover its value with Kibi relational stream analytics.

Elasticsearch at its Core

Elasticsearch at its Core

Cluster scalability, real time results, instantaneous search and aggregations.

Timeseries Analysis

(Relation) Timeseries Analysis

Drilldown from groups of events to groups of connected events. Discover problems and opportunities.

Operational Alerting

Operational Alerting

Sophisticated notifications can be created leveraging aggregates and relational capabilities.

Graph Analysis

Graph Analysis

Dependency network, root cause analysis


Elasticsearch meets relational capabilities for IoT

Storing sensor data and finding patterns is a key problem to be solved in the IoT space

Elasticsearch is a highly regarded platform for instantaneous search and drilldown of large amounts of streaming data. Siren Platform gives you the edge, adding relational drilldown capabilities which are core for operational troubleshooting and finding value and opportunities in the data.


The Kibi unique capabilities for IoT

Discover relations in your data streams

Siren Platform gives you the edge adding relational drilldown capabilities and graph link analysis. These are crucial in operational troubleshooting and to finding value and opportunities in the data.


Advanced cross field/cross index correlations

The Kibi IoT edition includes some of the most advanced explorative data correlation capabilities in the industry

Discover Kibi cross record/cross field/cross index big data correlation capabilities. Use joins and aggregations, reorder variables, view and filter both as scatterplots and parallel lines. Available Q4 2017.

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